In the heart of Mumbai, the dynamic duo of Neil-Niraj is making waves in the music and entertainment industry with their exceptional compositions and productions. With over 7 years of experience, this talented pair has become synonymous with creating soul-stirring music, ranging from original songs and jingles to background scores for blockbuster films and popular television shows.

Anthem for Midday: A Milestone Achievement

One of their recent triumphs includes the creation of an anthem for Midday, one of the most reputable news agencies. The Midday Anthem, titled “JEETA HAI VISHWAS,” was not only a musical marvel but also a testament to Midday’s incredible journey and the trust it has garnered from its readers. This groundbreaking anthem was a first for Midday, expressing the essence of their event in Dubai.

A Diverse Portfolio of Expertise

Neil-Niraj’s expertise extends across various domains, including original songs, jingles, background music for visuals, trailer/promo music, signature tunes, logo music, sound designing, track recreation, audio mixing and mastering, audio restoration, podcasts, and more. Their diverse clientele includes renowned names like IPCA, DR.REDDY, MARUTI SUZUKI, IBM, JAM8, ONGO, METIME, WILDCRAFT, and television channels such as DISCOVERY, EPIC, STAR PLUS, SONY, ZEE TV, and many others.

Collaborations with Streaming Platforms and Brands

The duo has also left their musical imprint on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Disney+, Zee5, and Voot. Their work includes creating captivating jingles for brands such as Epic On, Maruti Suzuki, Ongo, and IBM The Weather Channel.

Notable Works in Film and Television

In the bustling world of web series, the much-anticipated thriller “CAT” has taken the digital stage by storm. With the charismatic Randeep Hooda leading the main cast, Neil-Niraj, the dynamic musical duo, have seamlessly woven their exceptional compositions into the fabric of this action-packed narrative. As the maestros behind the entire musical landscape of the series, Neil-Niraj express their joy in taking on the challenge of scoring all eight episodes, each brimming with diverse character themes. The collaboration promises a symphony of emotions, enhancing the suspense and excitement of this Netflix original. “CAT” not only marks a significant addition to Neil-Niraj’s illustrious career but also sets the stage for an enthralling and unique auditory experience for viewers worldwide.

Neil-Niraj’s repertoire includes background scores for projects like “Operation Parindey” (Zee5), “Raat Baki Hai” (Zee5), “Baba Ramdev Ek Sangarsh” (Discovery), “Shaddi Boys” (Voot), “Mastram” (MX Player), and “Devlok” (Epic On), among others.

Upcoming Projects and Collaborations

The duo is not resting on their laurels, with upcoming projects including an original party song with Dev Negi, a web series collaboration with Netflix and Zee5, and another original song with the Garba Queen, Aishwariya Majmudar.

Listen to the Magic: Neil-Niraj’s Originals

To experience the magic of Neil-Niraj’s compositions, check out their original songs such as “Rang Rangila,”Rushk,” and the Midday Anthem on various platforms.

Contact Neil-Niraj for Musical Brilliance

For those looking to add a touch of musical brilliance to their projects, Neil-Niraj can be reached at +918104080300 or via email at [email protected].

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