Despite the advancement in electric vehicles, IC engines are still more popular because they provide a better driving experience. The design of hybrid/electric vehicles is usually not as sleek and attractive as their traditional counterparts. Traditional engines also produce more power than electric engines.

The biggest disadvantage of electric vehicles is the limited range, which can’t go more than 100-200km. This is because of the battery limitation. Fewer electric charging stations are available too. For example, in Europe, there are about 400,000 gas stations while there are about 170,000 electric charging stations.

Electric vehicles are not as fun to drive as IC engines. They lack acceleration and torque, which some drivers will find more satisfying than the gentler power of an electric motor. Electric vehicles also have the drawback of being limited by range, which can limit their usefulness in some circumstances.

The most important thing about electric vehicles is that they are much cheaper to maintain because there are no oil changes, cooling system flushes, or spark plug replacements. The only maintenance required with an electric vehicle is tire rotation and brake pad replacement. This means you’ll be saving money on maintenance for years to come.

Electric vehicles are generally less expensive, have no tailpipe emissions, and can be more economical to maintain in the long term. When first launched, electric vehicles were not as exciting to drive as gas-powered cars. They were slow, heavy, and could barely make it up a steep hill. But now, the latest models are going to beat out even the top-of-the-line gas engine sports car in acceleration, power, and handling. And they don’t emit exhaust fumes or cause noise pollution.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about electric vehicles is the lack of fun. They simply don’t offer the same thrill as a traditional combustion engine, and it’s hard to find a reason why you would want one. As with any new technology, the first thing people do is compare them to what they’ve been used to for decades, and some enthusiasts even compare them car-to-car. But some people say that’s not really fair since many EVs are built for a more practical purpose than a sports car.

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