The word globalization is a portmanteau of “world” and “globalization.” It is the process of economic and cultural integration and the diffusion of ideas and culture.

With globalization, the world is starting to become smaller. This means that countries are getting closer together in terms of language, culture, and economy. No matter how much people try to keep their culture separate from other cultures, it is inevitable that they will be influenced by them at some point.

Globalization, which is characterized by the increase of international trade and the flow of goods and people, has speeded economic integration. Globalization also makes it possible for companies to find lower production costs in economies with cheaper labour and more pliable regulation.

Globalization is the process of people, economies, and cultures coming together from all over the world. It has been happening for centuries and will continue to happen in the future. One factor that makes globalization possible is technology. Technology has given rise to a single global market where goods can be shipped globally at a lower cost than ever before.

Globalization is the process that occurs when a product or idea spreads across national boundaries. Globalization has been happening for hundreds of years and it is an inevitable process. It is because of globalization that technology such as computers can be found all over the world.

Globalization is the process of making people, countries, businesses, and cultures more connected. There are many ways that globalization can happen. One way is when technological advancements put more information at our fingertips than ever before. For example, the internet has allowed us to learn about cultures all around the world without actually visiting them in person. Another way is when international trade agreements allow for goods to be exchanged internationally easier than before. Globalization will continue to affect technology until technology affects globalization.

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